Sunday, June 20, 2010


U muzeja Lézerpont LÁTVÁNYTÁR (Image Museum) ud Miškolc (Madžersku) ima idna izložba, Carpathian Basin traditional folk costumes, u kujatu sa predstávini i dvá banátsći balgarsći eksponáte ud 1920 g. (kulu menuta 0:50 ud po-dolnija film ij videć žénskata bišnovska nusija):

Bulgarian woman’s costume from Vinga
Provincialism: Bolgár
Region: Vinga
A shawl made of black cotton silk and edged with silk fringes is on the head. The blouse front around the neck is made of silk brocade and is decorated with sewn-down décor on the neck section. There is a velvet vest above it which has inset sleeves. The red silk sleeves are pleated at the shoulders and wrists, and the cuffs are sectionally embroidered with metallic threads. The szukno (pinafore) is made of woven wool which starts under the breast. The decorative karligatka (apron) worn over it starts under the breast and is trimmed with a wide, large, violet brocade bow on homespun woven wool background at the hips and with two perpendicular pieces of metallic lace applied as ornamentation that start from that point.

Bulgarian bride’s second-day dress from Vecki [Dudestii Vechi?]
Provincialism: Bolgár
Region: Vecki [Dudestii Vechi?]
The bridal wreath, made of metallic threaded brocade, has a tent-like shape. It is fringed and stays on the top of the head. The blue-dyed linen blouse has long sleeves; it is split in the front, and its neck is decorated with metallic threaded embroidery up high; the shoulders and back are richly embroidered with metallic threads. The waist and bottom sections of the underskirt have the same textile as the blouse, from under which they peep out. The skirt is decorated with metallic threads and tied up at the back; it is pleated and sewn-down. The apron is tied up in the front and has metallic threads all over it. There is a large protruding decorative heart in the lower section of the center.


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